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Oct 2, 2021

In 2016, Warner Bros released Suicide Squad, DC’s attempt to introduce the comic book team to the movie universe. This isn’t about that movie. Today we’ll be talking about “The” Suicide Squad currently available in theaters and on HBO Max. It’s almost the exact same premise: criminals get extorted into doing high-risk missions for the government. And yet, James Gunn manages to give us a completely different movie. So let’s get into it.


00:00:19 Intro

00:00:50 How We Felt About the Sequel

00:07:53 What Makes The Sequel Better Than The Original?

00:17:15 Any Criticism of the Sequel?

00:19:30 Favorite Moments

00:28:11 Favorite Characters

00:37:14 Amanda Waller Better in the Original?

00:42:00 Question for the Guys and the Audience: Who Would You Cast in a Future Suicide Squad (DC Character) or Thunderbolts (Marvel Character)?

00:43:51 Feelings About the Peace Marker Spin-Off

00:47:09 Outro


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